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Au Cinema

Young adulthood is a difficult time and most of us use film/tv as a way to cope. We view periods of our lives as episodes. We've categorised ourselves into main characters and witty side kicks. We design our clothes and bedrooms to match the aesthetics and cinematography of .And i know I'm not the only one who's guilty of picking up a few characteristics from the show I'm watching.

It's not a reach to say that Gen Z was raised by film and tv. That is why for this is we want you to take inspiration from cinema to produce your art.
Write a poem based on your "Fleagbag era".
You love coming-of-age movies but you've never seen someone like you as the lead? Great write it.
Take photographs inspired by your film stills and cool scenes.
Send in cartoon designs and backgrounds.


Find a tv show/ film/ scene  and capture the essence of it into your creation.

Love is a horror movie 

Non-western period piece. 
ie. a love story in 1920s China 
    a gay coming of age in 1980s South Africa
    a found family tale in 2BC  egypt

a dialogue between two polar opposites.

Submit a page from your film journal

Use a soundtrack / movie album as inspiration

Set your story/art in the same setting as a film/tv show.

write a voiceover/intro to your life

homelife is a sitcom 

Blend 2 film genres


use cour palletes from film/tv


horror  romance / Heroic Bloodshed /Military Action / Espionage /Wuxia Action / Disaster / Adventure / Superhero / Traditional / Stop Motion / Claymation / Cutout / Puppetry / Live-Action / Action-Comedy / Dark Comedy (Black Comedy) / Romantic Comedy / Buddy Comedy / Parody / Spoof / Satire / Sitcom / Mockumentary / Heist / Melodrama / Teen Drama / Fantasy / myth /Fantasy /Sci-fi / Musical

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