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Comic Zine

Sharpen your arrows and dust off your capes. In this zine, we're looking for some action. We want your best villains, your wittiest sidekicks and your most tragic heroes. We want to see the melodrama that comes with dynamic comic book relationships. We want you to explore power; who has it and how do they use it? Who doesn't have power, and what are they willing to do to get it?

Here are some ideas but be creative, all great comic books give you what you're not afraid to see. 

visual arts prompts:

1.  Design a superhero from your country/ culture. Incorporate aspects of your traditional/cultural dress into a costume design.

2. A character who looks totally different to their power. i.e. a toddler with super strength 

3. Turn your bedroom into your lair.

4. Practise drawing dynamic fight poses.

5. Focus on dramatic comic-like facial reactions. 

6. A comic strip of your day with the comic book sound effect. i.e boom, zap, whack etc.

3. two characters who are polar opposites but have the same power. would it manifest the same? would their super-suits look the same?

4. a hero who prefers casual clothes and a sidekick who goes all out with their super suit.

5. a villainous mentor

6. a non-human side chick 

7. a superhero from your country/ culture.

8. a character who fights using a musical instrument.

9. a scene in an unconventional place ie. a fight in a pottery shop

10. A villain in costume during something wholesome like buying ice cream or drinking tea.


writing prompts:

1.  Friends to enemies 

2. The gods take power, and I give it.

3. With death comes rebirth.

4. Find a place to hind the world.

5. It's armageddon and I am relaxed watching tv, and eating cereal. 

6. You can't save everyone. 

7. The 'villain' was right. 

8.'You're way too chill about the whole morals thing. But it gets the job done."

9. If the superpowers don't kick in I'll get them myself. 

10. The Henchmen's breakroom.

11. The love interest's pov 



1. write a character review from the perspective of their enemy.

2. a recipe that would fit into the aesthetic of a comic book.

3. a graphic novel review

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