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Teenagers are frightening and brilliant. Exhibit A: The FEDA Festival opening night. Behind the scenes, these high

school students behave the way you’d expect theatre kids to behave. They are unhinged, hyperactive and a little pretentious. And maybe that's why they were able to pull together mind-blowing productions, that could make experienced producers eat their hearts out.

I hung out and around with the cast and crew of Bryanston High’s The Human Condition hours before they had to get ready. I was a fly on the wall as they interacted with the other plays’ ensembles. Immediately, by simply having a conversation with these high school students you could tell that they had brilliant minds. You could tell that The Human Condition would be intelligently delivered and would contain dark humour. You could tell that Curro Aurora’s Roses are Red was going to be emotionally tense and meaningful. I didn’t have the pleasure of meeting the troop from The Jeppe Boys’Monty Boomslang and the Holy Vaccine but they walked around like they meant business. The St Andrew’s girls drifted in and out of the dressing room hallways with all the laughter and energy that tells you all you needed to know about their play Mufaro’s Beautiful Daughters.


These students created entire productions by themselves. They were responsible for every element of their play; the writing, directing, set design, sound & lighting etc. They say that if teenagers are not micromanaged, they turn into

savages; These students dealt with serious issues without shying away. If this is savagery, bring it on!


For those of you, who haven’t attended a FEDA night, you should be inconsolably sobbing. But not to worry, I can give you a somewhat spoiler-free 411 about the incredible talent these students possess.

Give them their flowers

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