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moyÉ Magazine is...

A Holding space - a place to be indignant, messy and vulnerable. 

Moyé is a non-profit media platform based in Johannesburg, South Africa started by the youth to amplify the creative potential of the youth. 


We are present as you -young creatives- explore the extent and power of your ability to create, observe and feel.  We do this by showcasing: art, features, photography, writing, anything and everything creative.



the vision

Often young creatives  - especially in marginalised groups - are not given the grace to be indignant, messy and vulnerable. We want to be a space that allows young creatives to creatively grow alongside their emotions - outside societies expectations.

As Sunny Bridges puts it, "To tear down the walls on convention with the wrecking ball of creativity."


 Resources are scarce for young creators, especially in Africa. Our mission is to raise awareness of the magnificent art world waiting to be explored. We want to erase the stigma that a creative job isn't a plausible future.

We aim to reignite the stifled spirits of marginalized young creatives, who have been discouraged from taking the creators path. We want to give voice to those who have been pushed aside, along with proving the resources to do so.

If you believe in Moyé's mission,

join the team 

Meet The Team


Nokukhanya Sibanda

  • Instagram

Hi. i’m Noku(she/her).

I’m the editor-in-chief/founder of Moyé.

I’m a Fine Arts student, which basically means I couldn’t pick one creative path.
and tbh, I have no idea what I am yet or what I will do.

for now, I do know that I want Moyé to be a formidable platform.


Ashley Allard

  • Instagram

My name is Ash (she/her) and I am a writer and the assistant editor for moyé magazine.

I am an English and French major (so I'm dying inside in two languages). I like magnolias, wes anderson films, apple pie and jasmine green tea. i love writing and i especially love writing for moyé. stay tuned for more amazing things to come!



  • Instagram

Hi, I’m Moe (he/him). I’m a writer/illustrator currently working in Comics and Animation. I've worked with Studios such as Triggerfish animation and Diprente films as well as on titles such as Kwezi and Sector.


Vanilla Jane

  • Instagram

Hey :) im vanilla (she/they). im a writer, i write poetry and help out with the poetry sections of the magazine.

currently i don’t major in anything so far, as i’m awaiting acceptance (basically i’m completely lost and unsure of what i’m doing with my life). i love to dance on my own, scream to mitski on high volume and spend days i need comfort watching studio ghibli films.

Moyé has helped me so much to get back into doing what i love, most writing <3 i cannot wait to write more and produce more work for you guys :) hopefully you cannot wait too and love it just as much as i doo!!


Mpho Mabusela

  • Instagram

Hi I'm Mphoentle Mabusela (they/them) and I'm an art major. I'm a photographer. I play the guitar, crochet, do woodwork, make tiny trinkets and jewellery, basically make use of my hands a lot. I love the smell of lavender and I'm an eclectic person.


Lathan Dooms

  • Instagram

hey, i’m lathan (he/him)

i’m a writer, currently writing films & writing about films. i hope to start publishing work for moyé very soon :)

illustrations by MoeLycaen

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