BOYCOTT SHELL and maybe they'll listen.

In search of fossil fuel, Shell will be undertaking a seismic survey upon the Western Coast. This seismic survey involves repeated underwater explosions in order to record ground vibrations which will reveal what and where natural resources lie. This act will leave marine life disorientated, damaged, deaf and therefore helpless and panicked. The seismic blasting is to occur during the whale migratory season. The damages of this event will truly be catastrophic and will permanently harm marine life.

Yesterday, a group of friends and myself travelled to Gordon’s Bay in the Western Cape and met Sam, the seal pictured above. We found Sam writhing and squirming upon the rocks, and we were unsure whether or not Sam was in need of help. We asked a couple of locals to see if they knew who to call or what to do, and we all heard the same story. In essence, helping Sam would be futile. Recently, hundreds of dead seals have been washing up on the coast, because of malnutrition.

The seas are already inhospitable, thanks to anthropocentric consequences. Overfishing, oil drilling, pollution and countless other factors have led to Sam squirming on the rocks, watching what will probably be his final sunset with a couple of university students. With Shell’s intervention, more seals will end up like Sam and countless more deaths will occur.

This is about money, greed and selfishness.

BOYCOTT SHELL and maybe they will listen.


by ashley allard