Santa Buys Local

Six Local South African Businesses To Support This Christmas

(Note: all pictures are taken from the businesses’ Instagram accounts or websites)

Tis the season to favour capitalism! In the past two years, many people have procured most of their gifts from Amazon and Shein etc., because we are still in the midst of a global pandemic. Naturally, this has had disastrous effects on the environment, with increased CO2 emissions, increasing amounts of waste and more money in the billionaire’s pocket (Jeff Bezos, I’m looking at you). But, there is a better solution, which can help both the environment and young South African creators!

The pandemic has presented people with more time to take up new hobbies, such as crocheting, pottery, jewellery design and sowing, to name a few. Young people, especially, have unearthed hidden talents and have started their own small businesses to both show off their creations and make money doing so. South Africa is no exception. If you are struggling with what to get your friends and family this holiday season, do not fret! I’ve got you covered. Here is a list of a few South African small businesses run by young creators, handpicked by you as well as Moyé’s staff, that you should definitely check out for Christmas gift ideas.

Indigo hubb

@indigo.hubb on Instagram

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Indigo Hubb is a sustainable South African streetwear brand that sources vintage garments and handcrafted items made from dead stock fabrics. From corsets to skateboards, Indigo Hubb has it all. But you have to act quick! Things are selling out fast!

Solsgold & Buka Projects

Instagram: @solsgold and @buka_projects

DM to order.

It is very clear that both of these accounts have threaded love into each creation. Buka Projects can make you the halter-top of your dreams and adorable bucket-hats that are guaranteed to add that extra spark to your outfit. Buka Projects has also given back to the community, for example, by hosting a sanitary product drive during heavy lockdown. By supporting Buka Projects, you are making the right choice!

Solsgold brings Pinterest dreams to life; While Solsgold’s feed only gives a taste of its creator’s talent -Sunflower tote-bags, the famous Harry Styles cardigan, smiley coasters, cute vests for your furry friends and plush-toys-, it does not limit the scope of things Solsgold is capable of producing. Just DM on Instagram with your wishes, and Solsgold will deliver, all at a reasonable price.

35mm By Loose Change

Instagram: @35mmbyloosechange

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We are currently experiencing a revival of the film camera. However, film cameras are quite expensive and film is very difficult to find (check out @35mmbyloosechange on Instagram for a list of film stores). If you have a friend or family member, or you are yourself, interested in purchasing a film camera, 35mm by Loose Change has got you covered!

Keri’s Windowsill

Instagram: @keriswindowsill

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Keri’s Windowsill focusses on creating sustainable handmade jewellery and accessories. Each piece of jewellery is beautifully crafted with care. Keri’s Windowsill utilises unique beads and precious gems in their necklaces, rings, chokers and phone charms, while their earrings include ripe strawberries, clementine butterflies, and candy canes for the festive season. In addition to this, with every purchase, Keri’s Windowsill will donate 10% to a local charity. Packaging is recyclable, while sustainability and affordability are highlighted at Keri’s Windowsill.

Tulle & Risks

Instagram: @tulleandrisks

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Tulle & Risks clothing brand will truly transport you to magical realms. Specialising in creating tulle dresses -that are guaranteed to make you feel like a fae-, Tulle & Risks are a zero-waste fashion brand based in Johannesburg. Tulle & Risks is definitely a hidden gem and anyone would be delighted to unwrap one of their creations on Christmas.

Creative talent is in no way scarce in South Africa and is simultaneously sustainable and affordable, treating you to a guilt-free holiday shopping spree. By all means, tell the kids that Santa buys local.

(Note: all pictures are taken from the businesses’ Instagram accounts or websites) (Note: all pictures are taken from the businesses’ Instagram accounts or websites)


written by Ashley Allard