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we'd love to see everything and anything you've created:

  • creative writing: prose & poetry   

  • photography: photo series, photo essays, film, digital

  • journalism: editorials, reviews, fashion & music, interviews
  • videography /film

  •  music

  • other 

Open theme 

Our first zine this year has no theme. We want everything and anything you have.

The Archive

online journal / daily prompts

get showcased on our website/social media!

general online content submissions are open to everyone!

no themes. no limits. let us see the world through your lens. feel free to use our daily prompts!

Shadow on Concrete Wall



POETRY: 5 poems max. 

PROSE: 2000 words max

EDITORIAL (ie lists, reviews): 2000 words max


PHOTOGRAPHS: 15 pieces max

OTHER: obvi no guideline. please be reasonable =)




  •  Open Internationally.   

  • You must be between the ages of 13 - 26 to submit to the monthly Zine, The Issue and staff positions. 

  • Submissions to The Archive are open to everyone.

  • We accept simultaneous submissions. Once your work has been accepted somewhere else please notify us.


  • We accept previously published work. Please notify us and your previous publication if your work has been chosen.

SUbmission guidelines & notes

  • We are a fledgling nonprofit independent platform. We are unable to give you monetary compensation.

  • The artist owns all rights to their work. If your work is used you will always be given credit.


  • Include all relevant trigger warnings at the beginning of your document.

  • Please send your work in one singular submission. Apply in one form and attach your works there.

  • We encourage works that combine and subvert language. Pieces in English that weave other languages are welcome​. 

  • We will not consider xenophobic, ableist, misogynistic, racist, homophobic, transphobic, ableist, or otherwise bigoted work. Works with slurs will only be considered if you (the creator) are in the said marginalised group that the slur is used against. 

  • We encourage works that combine and subvert language. Pieces in English that weave other languages are welcome​. 

  • We will not turn down work on the particular reason that it has profanity, nudity, gratuitous violence, etc. However, please do not send work that is graphic for the sake of being graphic (erotica, snuff, etc). 

Shadow on Concrete Wall

༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ  CAN'T WAIT? NEED FEEDBACK? *ੈ✩

Our usual response time is 2 weeks from the deadline.

You can get a response within 24-48hours and/or have our head editors give you feedback for your work, for a small donation. These donations are the reason we can keep the website running and help us make future print editions as cheap as possible. It does not guarantee that your work will be chosen.

(£3/$3/€3) expedited response,

€6 for feedback,

€9 for both

or donate to support us.

 Technical Difficulties? 

any other questions about submissions? feel free to contact us: 


 submissions always open 

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